Over the past decade, the way customers have shopped with retailers and brands has changed.   Omnichannel is not new, but with store closures this past year it has brought visibility into the importance of robust capabilities to enable consumers to shop when and how they want.   Sometimes that means with a quality in-store experience, but at a rapidly growing percentage it means customers ordering on their preferred device to pick-up or receive how they chose.   

 For retailers that started as brick and mortar that have grown an online presence, this is a complicated multi-year initiative to enable that experience.   We believe a retail store footprint is an advantage in the new Omni-Channel world, but it requires many different applications working in synchrony to ensure that customers can be connected to the inventory that they want, how and when they want it.   Throughout the customer lifecycle, the following types of applications are used to operationally execute this: 

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