Ryan has 20+ years of supply chain experience with B2B and B2C brands including several that serviced both channels. During that time he has been an integral part of improving current system capabilities and processes.

Early in his career, Ryan was an inventory control supervisor for The North Face and Pier 1 Imports and has since leveraged that deep understanding of inventory movement to architect enterprise solutions for brands such as Pandora and TriVantage. He has also led the architectural review of assessments for live implementations to define the best approach to right the implementations, including building a team to support the process.

Ryan has spent most of his time with the IBM Sterling warehouse and order management platforms for on-premise and IBM SaaS offerings throughout his career. He has also worked on Manhattan Active OMS (MAO) and some other order management applications and has provided architecture leadership across multiple ongoing projects and sales engagement as practice leader for a boutique consulting company, spanning warehouse and order management systems.

His last project before joining Summit was for Pandora as their enterprise architect where he oversaw a multi-year global roll out of a new order management system. This implementation included omni capabilities of find-in-store and click-and-collect/BOPIS. During these multiple roll-outs there were very few issues encountered and no critical defects.

Most recently, Ryan has been applying his experience to multiple customers as Enterprise Architecture Practice lead to help them define their implementation roadmaps and integration architecture as well as expanding his experience with order management systems by working with Salesforce OMS.

When not working with Summit’s valued customers, Ryan enjoys time with his kids and staying in shape with anything from yoga to running and, most recently, Muay Thai.