Transform Your B2B or B2C Retail Strategy with Summit Advisory Team

We help retailers and brands create a seamless and consistent experience for their customers across all channels.

We're here to help retailers and brands develop and execute on their omnichannel fulfillment strategy. By integrating sales channels (online, in-store, mobile, marketplaces, etc.), we help move your business toward the fulfillment journey that best suits your business and customer needs.

At Summit Advisory Team, we know that a successful omnichannel strategy can make all the difference in today's competitive retail landscape. That's why we're here to help retailers and brands develop and execute on their omnichannel fulfillment strategy in the following ways:

We analyze your current state to diagnose and understand potential pain points and problems that create friction in your customer journey.

We help map your north star omnichannel fulfillment strategy and/or build a roadmap to support it.

We help operationalize major omnichannel changes you’ve made and help determine “what next.”

We recommend a technical strategy that will best meet the unique needs of that organization.

We provide end-to-end implementation services that deliver on your technical, process and other operational strategies.

Meet our Omnichannel Lead - Kylie Schafer

Kylie has worn many hats in retail across ecommerce, store ops, merchandise, technology and more. She has a unique blend of experience that allows her to view and analyze the customer journey from a holistic position.

Across Summit, we have partnerships and team members who have experience in most major technology players in the space and are experts in what it takes to implement and run them. We believe each solution has a best fit and are able to be technology agnostic in our recommendations. That range of experience frees Kylie to act in her clients’ best interest with no underlying agenda.

What can we help you with?

  1. Providing early analysis of your complex project needs with our Phase Zero approach.
  2. Identifying and troubleshooting process and technology problems causing friction with the customer journey.
  3. Building or analyzing a comprehensive omnichannel strategy and staged roadmap to support your business objectives.
  4. Recommending and/or implementing processes and solutions required to meet your omnichannel fulfillment strategy.

Case Study: American retailer with growing online presence

The client had recently implemented omnichannel fulfillment capabilities including ship from store, ship to store, and buy online pickup in store. The goal was to better utilize enterprise inventory and improve merchandise sell-through.


Leveraging Summit Advisory Team’s Phase Zero methodology, the client:

  • Achieved significant financial improvements, including increased fill rate (78% to 96%) driving +$10 million annual revenue, reduced bounce rate (3.5% to 1.4%)
  • Realized cost savings of $750,000 annually by reducing costs from 1.6 units/parcel to 2.0 units/parcel and lowering ship from store (SFS) cost per unit from $10 to $7.50
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with improved customer delivery SLA from 60% to 85% delivered within 5 days