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Summit Powered by Easypost Analytics

As part of consulting engagements, Summit can leverage the supply chain analytics platform, EasyPost Analytics. 

EasyPost Analytics leverages prebuilt modules and quickly integrates with various types of client data such as sales, inventory, orders, shipments, and financials to provide actionable insights from executive to analyst.

EasyPost Analytics, is an industry-leading supply chain data platform that empowers operational teams with insights.

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Summit Powered by Easypost Analytics
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Easypost Analytics

You have an easy-to-use platform with all the metrics, dashboards & reports to run your supply chain & operations with very little integration time (most customers live within 4-8 weeks) & no internal monitoring requirements.

Data is near-real-time allowing both intra-day monitoring & alerting as well as trend analysis and is built to be able to go from summary level to order/line level quickly & easily.

You don't need to modify existing enterprise analytics tooling to provide the level of granularity, near-live data frequency and additional integrations (e.g. with carriers) needed to support smooth omni-channel operations.

We spent the time with industry experts so you get a tool with pre-mapped & pre-defined core metrics, calculations and KPIs and pre-build dashboards so your team need only focus on taking action