Empowering Business Success through Data with Summit Advisory Team

Transforming organizations with data visibility, actionable insights, and tailored analytical solutions for informed decision-making and competitive advantage

Summit Advisory Team specializes in helping clients unlock the full potential of their data to drive business value. With our outcome-first approach, we focus on delivering actionable insights and analytical solutions that empower informed decision-making.

Summit is committed to helping businesses prepare for change in the following ways:

We develop analytics infrastructure and reporting solutions to provide much needed visibility to performance across business areas.

We leverage our deep domain expertise to draw insights from client’s data to influence strategic direction.

We build models to analyze complex supply chain networks and understand the impact of different changes to cost and speed.

Meet Chief Analytics Officer - Phillip Hall

With a strong background in analytics, Phillip leverages his extensive experience to think through challenges from a client's perspective, swiftly recommending effective data-driven solutions that empower better business decisions. His expertise lies in utilizing Modern Data Stack tools and the Google Cloud Platform, making him the perfect combination of business acumen and technical proficiency. With James Sutton by your side, you can expect superior outcomes and accelerated results for your organization's data analytics needs.

What can we help you with?

  1. Data platform and analytics capability development for enhanced business visibility.
  2. Implementation of Modern Data Stack tools, including cloud data warehouses, managed integration platforms, orchestration tools, and BI platforms.
  3. Identification of business opportunities and strategic direction based on data insights, along with tailored technology recommendations to align with specific needs and budget.

Platform Expertise

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