Leverage Implementation as a Service with Summit Advisory Team

We partner with you to develop, integrate, and manage omnichannel commerce and order management systems.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses the end-to-end lifecycle management of your order management system (OMS) implementation. Starting with assessment and planning, we conduct a thorough feasibility study and review your current OMS IT infrastructure to identify gaps and challenges. This initial phase sets the stage for our design and development process, where we create detailed technical specifications, define business needs and requirements, and develIā€™m op customized software solutions or tailor packaged software to your specific needs.

Once the system takes shape, we move into testing, defining our test strategies and then conducting rigorous tests, including business user testing and performance testing. Our commitment to quality extends into the deployment and monitoring phase, where we define deployment and cutover plans and continuously monitor system performance. Lastly, our managed services provide round-the-clock support and maintenance, ensuring that issues are identified and resolved promptly.

Post-launch, we offer warranty support and conduct end-user training to ensure a seamless transition. Our services go beyond the initial implementation, with ongoing support in the form of automating support activities, optimizing system architecture, developing integrations, and providing insightful reports and dashboards for informed decision-making. Trust us to handle your OMS implementation from inception to continuous enhancement, ensuring a robust and efficient system.

Meet our Implementation Services Practice Lead

Swagath Janakiraman

Swagath is an accomplished Omni-channel and Supply Chain Expert with 15+ years of extensive design and project management experience advising clients on functional platforms across a variety of domains that include retail, apparel and food industries.

What can we help you with?

  1. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, covering the entire lifecycle of your order management system (OMS) implementation.
  2. Our services include assessment and planning, design and development, testing, deployment and monitoring, managed services, warranty support, and end-user training, ensuring a seamless transition and continuous support.
  3. We don't stop at the initial implementation; we provide ongoing support, system optimization, automation, integrations, and data insights to ensure a robust and efficient OMS system from inception to continuous enhancement.