About Us

Who are we + EasyPost Relationship

Summit Advisory Team empowers businesses to achieve their full potential by providing innovative supply chain and omnichannel solutions to modern day operational problems. Our team of industry-leading consultants bring a broad range of expertise in omnichannel, supply chain, warehouse, enterprise systems, architecture, organizational change management, and analytics.

Summit Advisory Team is part of the EasyPost family of companies. EasyPost offers a powerful suite of shipping solutions designed for high-volume shippers that gives retailers and brands easy access to more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective shipping. As part of EasyPost’s comprehensive suite of enterprise-level solutions, Summit adds a layer of functional and technical expertise, organizational change management, and operational analytics to help businesses unlock their highest capacity for growth.

We built a proprietary supply chain analytics platform, Elevate, to harness the collective knowledge of our team of industry experts and quickly assess and define current state operating performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Our Summit powered by Elevate approach leverages that platform to accelerate all of our consulting services.