Optimize your Supply Chain with Summit Advisory Team

Supports clients in addressing current operational challenges, while also providing guidance to help them make strategic decisions for the future of their network.

We specialize in helping clients solve operational problems and make long-term strategic plans. Our approach involves identifying gaps in their current state of operations, leveraging data and analytics to provide validity and backbone to our recommendations, and developing tailored plans that position for future growth. By thoroughly analyzing operations, we uncover areas for improvement and create strategies that align with goals. With our expertise and data-driven approach, we empower businesses to make informed decisions and achieve operational excellence for sustainable success.

We provide a playbook to better position our client’s organization for future growth and then we stay with them on that journey of implementation.

We identify gaps in their current state of operations.

We use data and analytics to give validity and backbone to our recommendations.

We make sure they have the program management and governance they need to be successful in their organizational culture.

Meet our Supply Chain Practice Lead

Jill Barron

Jill has worked with and led Supply Chain operations teams for over 25 years on the client side, developing and executing operational plans. Her experience positions her to come in, ask in-depth questions, and develop deep insights to our clients’ business. Her connections to prominent industry groups brings those industry insights into a client engagement, giving her a multi-dimensional approach to solve challenges and develop strategy.

What can we help you with?

  1. Identifying gaps in your current state of operations that will keep you from reaching your long-term growth plans.
  2. Developing a roadmap specifically tailored to your company that will position you for future growth.
  3. Facilitating operational changes such as moving or setting up a new warehouse.

Case Study: Specialty Retailer looking to assess the optimal fulfillment network to support future growth plans

The client was evaluating their current fulfillment network and needed to investigate the impacts on costs and speed by adding a West Coast fulfillment node. This retailer fulfills ecommerce orders from both the distribution center and their retail stores; however, a low overlap in store and online assortments along with Order Management logic drove most ecommerce orders to be fulfilled from their only distribution center on the East Coast. Due to the primarily East Coast fulfillment, both the client’s retail stores and customers were experiencing long delivery times to the West Coast.


Deploying a team of Supply Chain Analysts, a Program Manager, and an Executive Advisor, Summit was able to:

  • Recommend to not open an additional node but to improve inventory assortment and upgrade packages to geographical areas of sales growth potential.
  • Recommend a move to parity with other retailers in free shipping options to improve customer experience.