Empowering Change for Organizational Success with Summit Advisory Team

Partnering with you to navigate transformational change with expertise, precision, and a people-centric approach.

Summit Advisory Team is dedicated to helping businesses navigate transformational change with precision and expertise. With our Business Readiness & Organizational Change Management Practice, we ensure that your organization's people are fully aware, engaged, and supported throughout the entire change process, enabling you to realize and sustain the benefits of new technology and processes long after the project's completion.

Summit is committed to helping businesses prepare for change in the following ways:

Making sure the right people have a seat at the table—from the beginning.

Spending a lot of time up front listening to the concerns of the stakeholders, including those on the front lines who are most impacted by the change.

Tailoring our recommendations to the unique needs of the organization and the people.

Meet our Business Readiness & Organizational Change Management Practice Lead - Pat Ferrell

With over 35 years of functional experience in retail, ecommerce, and B2B businesses, Pat Ferrell brings a wealth of expertise to help organizations navigate through change seamlessly. With Pat's extensive industry knowledge, there is no learning curve when it comes to understanding the unique needs of businesses in various sectors. Pat Ferrell's approach is centered around listening attentively to stakeholders, valuing their perspectives, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their concerns and goals.

What can we help you with?

  1. Develop comprehensive strategies to ensure organizations are prepared for change, encompassing communication planning, content creation, and delivery.
  2. Design and deliver tailored training programs to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to embrace and excel in the new environment.
  3. Establish and empower an internal network of Change Champions to drive successful change adoption within the organization.

Case Study: Specialty Retailer introducing a new inventory strategy across DC's

A specialty retailer introduced a new strategy of managing network inventory by stocking the same SKU in multiple DCs. This required the Demand and Supply Planning teams to work differently and more collaboratively than previously. The new processes also required a change in roles and responsibilities, as well as the addition of a new Inventory Planning team.


  • Conduct a cross-functional workshop with team leaders to improve communication and collaboration.
  • Implement a comprehensive communications approach, including organizational announcements and team meetings to address concerns and provide clarity.
  • Establish clear KPIs and expectations for each role involved in the new inventory strategy.
  • Develop role-based training programs to enhance planning and analytical skills.