Summit Advisory Team

Practice Descriptions

Summit provides industry-leading consulting services across omnichannel, supply chain, warehouse, enterprise systems, architecture, organizational change management, and analytics. 


Enables clients to create a seamless and consistent experience for their customers across all channels, whether it's online, in-store, or through other touchpoints.

Supply Chain

Supports clients in addressing current operational challenges, while also providing guidance to help them make strategic decisions for the future of their network.


Partnering with clients to ensure the warehouse network is operating effectively and efficiently, with people, process, and technology all seamlessly integrated.

Business Readiness & Organizational Change Management

Ensures the people in the organization are fully aware of, engaged with and supportive of any transformational change. This is critical to realizing and sustaining the benefits to new technology and processes long after the project itself is over.

Enterprise Systems & Architecture

Focused on the technology that enables business processes including product selection, architecting a software implementation, auditing an existing implementation, and solving production system issues.

Visibility & Analytics

Helping clients drive business value through data visibility, actionable insights, and analytical solutions using an outcome-first approach rather than a technology-first solution.