The client is one of the largest companies in motion control technology; hydraulics, aerospace, and other areas. They had implemented IBM OMS initially with IBM as the SI along with some other consulting firms. When we got involved they were doing everything in house with a very small staff, their development and testing processes were not serving them well.


When we got involved we staffed a full time architect initially to dig into their current state and identify their largest areas of improvement. Once we had the path defined we brought on an additional resource to help execute against that plan. The team continued to be small to help with budget and fit the bootstrap culture this client has.


The primary challenge was lack of clear direction for the goals of IBM OMS at this customer. They are a very distributor based business with their focus being on the manufacturing. This led to IBM OMS being used in a non-standard way, used to combine information from multiple ERPs and pass that information off to other systems. That combined with the limited team and CICD processes, the implementation wasn’t as effective as it should be.

Outcomes & Actions

Summit was able to lead the creation of a test environment and firm up their build and test processes. Further we were able to fix some issues they had been dealing with for a long time around how data was being loaded into IBM OMS. End result was a dramatic reduction in errors and a viable platform to build on, for whatever the customer wanted to take OMS in the future.