The client is using a combination of home grown applications for order and warehouse management along with purchased applications for their website and subscription management. The home grown application had little documentation which hadn’t been updated in over 5 years. Their business was also going through transitions, the systems weren’t flexing with the change in their business.


We worked with the customer to understand what systems were implemented and what each was responsible for, also dove into how their home grown application works. From there documented how all of the systems interacted and their support capabilities.


With many of the people that developed the home grown application now gone and very little documentation, it was difficult to gather information and required a few iterations.

Outcomes & Actions

Given the lack of support and documentation for the home grown application, recommended purchasing a new OMS and WMS application. Also drilled into how the inventory is currently being published to the website and concerns around that process which lead to over selling. Further provided them up to date documentation on how their systems currently work.