The client had recently experienced significant E-Commerce and wholesale growth with double digit growth projections over the next five years. Distribution capabilities were limited with their existing distribution systems. The client decided to replace their legacy systems with best of breed WMS and WCS solution.


Summit Advisory Team’s (SAT) unique Phase Zero methodology was invoked to help the client identify the root causes of current state issues, highlight gaps in processes, system configurations and technical data flows and identify paths forward to improve and scale their solution and prioritize a path forward across business process, change management & technology.


  • Critical timeline to meet peak demand during holiday season.
  • Highly automated facility requiring careful integration with the WMS and WCS.
  • Antiquated host system was being replaced by a new cloud-based ERP also requiring WMS integration.
  • Lean client team resulting in heavy lift from software vendors with little coordination.
  • New systems and processes within the warehouse.

Outcomes & Actions

  • SAT identified several areas  that were preventing the client from success.
    • Project methodology and plan was non-existent.
    • Internal client teams were not prepared for the magnitude of this type of project.  Lacked expertise and understanding of roles.
    • Lack of system knowledge and understanding of complex projects.
  • SAT also identified several gaps between their current and future state operations.
  • Following Phase Zero, the client was able to:
    • Organize an effective team and ways of working  covering all facets of the project.
    • Bridge operational gaps that were creating inefficiencies.
    • Identify true scope and cost of implementation.