Jeremy is a Senior Data Engineer with 8+ years of experience working with retail, medical, and financial data. He started at BMW Financial Services as a Data Analyst assisting the executive team by creating Qlikview and Crystal Reports. At Cardinal Health, Jeremy migrated an isolated Qlikview ETL process into a Postgres and BigQuery implementation orchestrated by Airflow. While at Macy’s, Jeremy was able to bring an outsider’s perspective to update legacy pipelines. Jeremy makes an impact wherever he goes. Military experience combined with a humanities and technical degree allow Jeremy to have a well rounded and adaptable approach to any data problem.

Key project experience includes:

  • Converted manual processes into automated builds using tools such as Liquibase and Terraform
  • Ran POC for a Fortune 15 company at an enterprise level comparing Looker, Qlik, and Tableau
  • Moved Cognos reporting at Macy’s to Tableau while working with business stakeholders on requirements and updated metrics/KPIs

When not working at Summit, Jeremy loves playing pinball and the cello.