With over two decades of hands-on experience in the field of Warehouse Management System (WMS) implementation and support, Khanh stands as a seasoned Principal at Summit Advisory Team. His impressive journey encompasses diverse industries, ranging from Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution to 3PL Services, where he has showcased his expertise in guiding companies through the intricacies of WMS adoption. Khanh’s profound engagement spans the entirety of WMS projects, as he has orchestrated numerous full life-cycle implementations, meticulously orchestrating key roles encompassing system design, configuration, integration, testing, go-live support, and reporting. Khanh’s unique fusion of operational and IT acumen has consistently propelled the triumph of each project he undertakes, earning him commendation for his unwavering professionalism and collaborative team ethos. A luminary in the domain of Manhattan Associates WMS, Khanh has cultivated an intimate familiarity with esteemed ERP systems like Oracle and SAP, masterfully navigating their synergy with Manhattan WMS. Notably, Khanh’s prowess extends to deciphering Manhattan WMS data intricacies, complemented by his proficiency in harnessing reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, Jasper, and SCI.