Mark Guyer is a Program Lead of Summit Advisory Team, bringing over 15 years of experience helping companies solve operational problems. Mark has lead Planning, Analytics and Operations for, wholesale, and consumer products companies in strategy, Omnichannel operations, program management, inventory planning, and analytics roles.

As an employee on the client-side, Mark has led the Omnichannel, Planning and Supply Chain business and technical teams at JD Sports USA (Finish Line) and Tegra Global. Where he designed, implemented, and improved business operations for global teams. Leadership responsibilities included assessing E2E business and technical impacts across the organization, from requirements planning to execution, and making customers happy.

As a project manager, Mark is skilled in integration of cross functional teams, synchronization of process flows, and establishing effective communication with Project Stakeholders. Responsibilities included Project Lead for JD Sports USA (Finish Line) OMS, WMS and Merchandise Planning implementation. Managed the required deliverables. planning, monitoring. and maintaining, stage and exception plans as required through launch.

Mark’s typical interaction includes conversations with management teams, vendors, customers and design (whiteboard) sessions with SMEs.

When not working with Summit’s exceptional customers, Mark enjoys running, reading, and time with his family and friends.