6+ years of experience in data analytics, focused around ecommerce and data products. Expertise in data modeling, data pipelines, business intelligence tooling, and report automation. Certified Google Cloud data engineer, Looker LookML developer & consulting partner, dbt developer, and Airflow developer.

Professional Experience

  • Drizly (Acquired by Uber)
    • Managed the transition of our data product from Domo to Looker and was the primary analytics content developer for analytics.drizly.com – our powered-by-Looker platform which generated over $4 million in net revenue in 2020 –
      Presented results at Looker JOIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=888lZ6gaIhs
  • Vendr
    • Transitioned the company from Metabase to Looker and building a well-documented and tested dbt codebase in order to make Vendr’s data accessible and trusted
    • Created data models in dbt that reflect core business logic for topics like customer satisfaction, employee performance, ARR/NRR, and feature launches
  • The Wendy’s Company
    • Re-built store financial reporting & delivery using Looker + GCP Cloud Composer as part of a company-wide sales data initiative
  • Pandora A/S
    • Developed data pipelines for store location & product data using Python & Prefect Cloud to enhance reporting quality and accuracy